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swim to shore



My name is Falyne V------. In some ways, I'm your typical teen girl. I have a soap opera addiction (Hollyoaks!), was raised in the Anglican church, love TopShop, read a lot, write a lot, collect Japanese trinkets, read comic books, obsess over manga, fangirl over actors and characters from tele, movies and books. But, I suppose you'll have to get to know me to get any sort of realistic picture. In short though...

My religion: I come from a Christian background but am only now in the process of figuring out what that means. "Open-minded agnosto-Christian" is the term my best friend applied to me recently, and I find it satisfactory. Religion is a big deal to me right now as I try to sort out my beliefs and apply them logically and sincerely.

My fandoms: All the usual. The series' everybody loves. More manga than I can list. I've also been recruited into X-men by loyalist (male) friends who bribe me with Marvel comics when they want help on their school assignments.

My politics: Thoughtfully liberal? Balanced, I like to think.

My music: I love the originally gothy 1980s bands (the Cure, Siouxsie, Gene Loves Jezebel, Skinny Puppy, Joy Division) and all their industrial descendents, with a special adoration of Trent Reznor. In terms of modern, my favourite band is Snow Patrol. I like music both gentle and loud but NOT metal or rap. Acoustic folk, music to practise ballet to and anything else not bubblegum pop, I usually enjoy.

My movies: Everything except romance. Well, and nothing too gory. Drama, I suppose, is my favourite genre.

My books: Most everything except romance (again) and aggressively sappy/cliched chick-lit. Favourite authors will get mentioned in my journal from time to time, I'm sure.

Please ask if you want to know anything about me. xx